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May Happy Goku,  · Happy Goku Day. May 9, is now officially recognized by the Japan Anniversary Association as “Goku Day”!. Why May 9. Because in Japanese the number 5 is pronounced go (五) and the number 9 is pronounced kyū (九), or lazily,, Goku. Goku’s Japanese voice actress, Masako Nozawa, Happy Goku an event after a screening of Resurrection of ‘F’ on Saturday in Shinjuku to.

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May 09,  · May 9 Happy Goku Day, Happy Goku If He Is The Worst. Annie Clifton. Happy Goku. May 9th is Goku day and I don't care. I love Dragon Ball Z and I even grew up watching it, but I just can't rally behind Goku. For those who are unaware, in Japanese the number 5 can be pronounced as "Go" and 9 as "Ku," which is the basis of the Annie Clifton.