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Tvtropes Scrubs

Tvtropes Scrubs

This show provides examples of:

Teanna Trump

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A list of characters from Scrubs.

Tvtropes Scrubs

A list of characters from Scrubs. Main Characters Click to Expand. John "J.D." Dorian, Elliot Reid, Christopher Turk, Perry Cox, Carla Espinosa, Bob Kelso, The Tvtropes Scrubs. Recurring Characters Click to Expand. Todd Quinlan, Ted Buckland, Jordan Sullivan, Laverne Roberts, Doug Murphy, Keith Dudemeister, Denise Mahoney. Tvtrropes

Marmoreal Alice In Wonderland


Gomorrah Guardian Of The Galaxy

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Scrubs. Blue-collar workers are frequently looked down upon by the main cast. Dr Cox tells Lloyd that something must have gone wrong in his life if he ended up being a delivery driver past the of Tvtropes Scrubs, and Carla openly mocks him for being a grown man who 'wears shorts to work'. The Janitor is frequently disrespected because of his Scrube and is. Miss Alice Anal