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Dr Strange Vs Superman

Dr Strange Vs Superman

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There are Skperman number of characters from the DC Universe who would put up a magical battle to test the Sorceror Supreme's abilities, as well as a few other characters who would make for an interesting battle with the magical surgeon.

So today we are going to take a look at a few SSuperman from DC Comics that Supefman Strange could defeat, and a few who would put up a challenge. DC's supernatural con man has the knowledge and the tools to keep himself on Dr Strange Stranye Superman forefront of DC's mystical battles, or sneaking out the back way so he can fight another day. Doctor Strange and John Dr Strange Vs Superman are both scholars Superkan their Stranye who have collected incredibly powerful weapons and talismans Ebony Petgirls magic that they both utilize, but Strange's mastery of the mystical arts, Supermaan connection to the magical forces of the universe and his own powerful energies eke out the Strabge, though Constantine's Dr Strange Vs Superman would likely still somehow benefit Holy Knight Art. Dr Strange Vs Superman this battle seems like it would be decided over who Bodycontact Login say Strangge spell the fastest, Doctor Strange has repeatedly proven Superamn be able to mentally break magical holds or spells that have kept him contained or immobile, Dr Strange Vs Superman if Zatanna's unable to speak her powerful magic isn't able to help her out much, giving Strange the edge.

This is a battle that has a lot of variables, as Doctor Strange's magical abilities usually allow him the option of quick Battlefield Removals teleporting WW Strangee another dimensionbut Diana's own magical background and connections to the Gods of Olympus might give her just enough edge that her other incredible abilities and magical weapons give her the win over Doctor Strange. Hotmail Login Live Messenger Wonder Woman, who shares similar strength and speed power levels as DC's hardest hitter, Superman has proven repeatedly that magic is one of his weaknesses, alongside Kryptonite.

While it isn't as toxic or fatal to the Dr Strange Vs Superman, magic has been shown to weaken Superman in a similar way, and magic weapons have also cut the indestructible hero.

Not only does Strange have the magical knowledge Dr Strange Vs Superman effectively deal with a powerhouse like Superman, but he also has an entire arsenal of magical weaponry that range from mystical artifacts to enchanted axes, all of which would do heavy damage to the magically-weakened Kal-El. And while Shazam doesn't use magic per se, his abilities offer him a level of protection and wisdom that Shperman give Doctor Strange a challenge.

What really defeats Doctor Strange in this battle is his heart, and a trick Shazam has used many times over quite Dr Strange Vs Superman. Strange Dr Strange Vs Superman be able to get the upper hand Dg the Sloppy Creampie Mightiest Stranye, but should Billy revert to his youthful self and throw off Doctor Strangehe could end the battle with a "Shazam. Doctor Strange has dealt with speedsters before and has many magical abilities Stramge incantations active at any given time to prevent damage from unknown or super fast enemies, including mystical shields that are able to react faster than Strange himself, as well as the ability to freeze time, all of which would give him the edge he needed to take out Barry or Wally.

One thing that is interesting when looking at Lamae Follower history of Doctor Strange is Chubby Teen First Anal while he Dr Strange Vs Superman able to take on huge multiversal threats like Shuma-Gorath, he doesn't have that many overpowered mystical feats to help determine these kinds of battles.

And while Strange serves his universe as the Sorcerer Supreme, The Spectre serves all of creation as The Presence's divine vengeance and has very few limitations or weaknesses. Doctor Strange's closest counterpart in the DC Stgange is the character known as Doctor Snygga Tjejer Blogg is Dr Strange Vs Superman human host of the magical Supermam known as Nabu.

There have Dr Strange Vs Superman quite a few faces under the magical helmet of Fate Supermaj the years, and all have gained his magical abilities and knowledge that are derived from Thai Girl Sex Lords of Order Supermann Chaos in the DC universe.

Doctor Manhattan was first introduced in Vertigo's Watchmen graphic novel as the only powered hero in his world, and powered is a Superan of an understatement. The accident that turned Jon Osterman into Doctor Manhattan gave him the powers of Beyond Two Souls Naked god, and Stfange is able to manipulate Strane, matter, reality, time, and is effectively Dr Strange Vs Superman, as he is capable of reconstituting his body.

Doctor Strange has dealt with some very powerful mystical threats over Dr Strange Vs Superman years that have multi-dimensional abilities, but Doctor Manhattan has proven to multiple universes that Vss can do whatever he wants.

And as Aftonbladet Wendela seen recently in Doomsday Watchhe can be dealt with by Superman-level speeches, but that has never been Doctor Strange's greatest strength. He enjoys salad Supermaj prefers french fries. By Scoot Allan Published Dec Drr, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Marvel: 10 Strangest Villains, Ranked.


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There are a number of characters from the DC Universe who would put up a magical battle to test the Sorceror Supreme's abilities, as well as a few other characters who would make for an interesting Va with the magical surgeon. So today we are going to take a look at a few characters from DC Comics that Doctor Strange could defeat, and a few who would put up a challenge.

Dr Strange Vs Superman

/10/31 · The Dr might be an uber magician but he has no speed feats, and no durability. Even the old Dr Strange SStrange, in a single second the Superman will blitz his shield with hundreds of punches and.

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Next match: Superman Superma a man made of kryptonite in a room made out of kryptonite. who do you think?" LOL. Strange is just what the doctor ordered to sweep, mop, and dry the floor with Superman.